Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Navigate risk and manage controls and compliance confidently with governance, risk, and compliance solutions. Adapt quickly to changes in the economy, technology, and regulations to strengthen your business with software for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). With GRC solutions, you can:
  • A well-defined strategy for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is essential.
  • GRC is more than IT security and touches the whole organization.
  • Regulatory and non-regulatory compliance is crucial and can bring commercial value if fully considered.
  • Simplify your approach to GRC by integrating and automating key GRC activities into existing processes.
  • Reduce complexity and improve insight by visualizing and predicting how risk impacts performance.
  • Protect your company’s reputation and financial well-being by strengthening risk management practices.

GRC Solution Capabilities

Governance improves the alignment of risk activities to the strategic objectives of the business. The governance activities define clearer accountability and responsibility across functions of the organization. Risk consist risk activities into business functions and processes and helps to ensure optimization across the enterprise. Compliance facilitates controls and processes to meet regulatory and business requirements. It integrates automated controls measures and continuous monitoring into the transactional processing cycle, resulting in the transparency of risk and controls and the elimination of risk related transactions  
The GRC solution contain below modules
● GRC Access Control   ● GRC Process Control   ● GRC Risk Management   ● GRC Audit Management   ● GRC Fraud Management

GRC Access Control

The software lets you move beyond manual processes for managing access risk. SAP Access Control can help you automatically detect, remediate and ultimately prevent access risk violations – no matter your industry or business size. Get real-time visibility into your current risk position and confidently reduce unauthorized access, fraud and the cost of compliance.


  • Automatically detect and remediate access risk violations across SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Embed compliance checks and mandatory risk mitigation into business processes.
  • Empower users with self-service, workflow-driven access requests and approvals.
  • Automate reviews of user access, role authorizations, risk violations, and control assignments.
  • Efficiently manage super-user access controls with a centralized, closed-loop process.
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail of user and role-based access control activities.
GRC Access Control Capabilities

Functional Capabilities:

  • Access risk analysis: Accurately identify and remediate SoD and critical access violations with embedded risk analysis.
  • User access management: Automate user access assignments across SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Role-based access control: Define and maintain compliant roles in business-friendly terms and language.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Periodic certifications of authorizations: Conduct periodic user-access reviews and ensure SoD mitigations are effective on a regular basis.
  • Emergency access management: Temporarily grant super-user status with “firefighter” login IDs – in a controlled, auditable environment.

GRC Process Control

It helps protect your business with continuous control and compliance monitoring. Improve the effectiveness of your internal control processes across SAP and non-SAP systems and tightly align them with risk prevention and efficiency requirements.

  • Get scalable support for multiple internal controls and compliance management programs.
  • Improve efficiency by identifying, prioritizing and focusing resources on key business processes and risks.
  • Gain real-time visibility into all compliance and internal control processes.
  • Speed internal control audit cycles and reduce audit costs with automation.
  • Detect issues earlier, proactively analyze control failures and monitor remediation.
  • Comply with a range of regulations: anti-bribery and corruption (e.g. FCPA), financial compliance (SOX, EU Directive 8), IT controls (e.g. CobIT), industry requirements such as Basel II / III, FDA (GXP), FERC / NERC and more.
GRC Process Control Capabilities

Functional Capabilities:

  • Unified repository for compliance, control, and policy information
    • Ensure cross-function standardization and drive consistency across your organization.
    • Manage multiple regulatory policies and compliance procedures with a single solution.
    • Optimize the planning of control assessment and testing activities.
  • Embedded controls to strengthen business processes
    • Align internal controls and policies with business objectives and risks.
    • Monitor key business processes like reconcile-to-report, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, IT, and more.
    • Leverage the power and speed of SAP HANA to monitor high volume of transactions in key S/4 HANA business processes in real-time.
  • Improved compliance and control processes at optimal cost
    • Perform comprehensive online and offline control evaluations with flexible workflows and configurable forms.
    • Manage the complete policy lifecycle with collaborative tools and surveys.
    • Streamline issue management and certifications with best-practice workflows.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Automated workflows and notifications
    • Receive automated notifications to shrink manual intervention efforts.
    • Understand control exceptions and alerts to react quickly and appropriately.
    • Ensure all appropriate stakeholders are involved in relevant task assessments, remediation, and sign-offs.
  • Offline forms
    • Support offline procedures with interactive forms for compliance and control assessments, testing, control performance, remediation, and sign-offs.
    • Support the policy management lifecycle by the distribution of new policies and updates as well as review and acknowledgment surveys.
  • Continuous control monitoring
    • Integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems using connectors or web services or SAP HANA views.
    • Monitor master data, configuration settings, and transactions in business applications via scheduled processes or in real-time.
    • Monitor application data from internal and external systems in real-time.

GRC Risk Management

The software can help you protect and create value for your stakeholders – from investors to employees and customers. Identify and assess risks and opportunities, determine a response strategy and monitor progress. With SAP Risk Management, you can:

  • Identify enterprise risks and align them with business processes that create value.
  • Assess and analyze risks in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact.
  • Track risk management effectiveness with embedded reports and analytics.
  • Continuously monitor risks using SAP HANA-based key risk indicators (KRIs).
  • Align risk management with business value drivers.
  • Act on emerging risks and opportunities.
  • Predict the impact of unplanned events.
GRC Risk Management Capabilities

Functional Capabilities:

  • Risk strategy and planning: Define risk-relevant business activities, set up your organizational risk hierarchy, and assign risk appetite, risk owners, and responsibilities. Develop risk libraries to structure and report on risk assessment results – and define your KRI framework to automate risk monitoring.
  • Risk identification: Document the potential root causes and consequences of risks – and identify the relationship between risks and events. Capabilities include: defining survey questions, documenting activities, proposing risks, and documenting risks and opportunities.
  • Risk analysis: Run quantitative and qualitative risk analyses to determine the likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact of identified risks. Capabilities include: conducting assessments, building risk scenarios, scenario analysis, performing Monte Carlo simulations, risk response, and documenting responses and enhancement plans.
  • Risk monitoring: Analyze and report on your company’s risk situation. Capabilities include: documenting incidents and losses for risk events.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Graphical View: Supports the creation and analysis of risks using a graphical view.
  • Data Monitoring: Monitor application data from internal and external systems in real-time.
  • Workflow: Use workflow to automate processes.
  • Starter kits: Controls starter kit: Library of standard business controls, basic regulations, and direct entity-level controls.
  • ERM starter kit: Library of enterprise risks, risk drivers, and impacts.
  • Automated monitoring:
    • CCM library: Automated continuous controls monitoring.
    • KRI library: KRIs are organized by risk drivers, risk categories, and industries.


GRC Audit Management

Automate internal auditing procedures – and improve quality – with GRC audit management software. Streamline, diversify, and enhance your internal audit engagements with SAP Audit Management powered by SAP HANA. This in-memory audit software makes it quick and easy to document evidence, organize working papers and create audit reports. It provides the analytical capabilities to shift the focus of internal audit from basic assurance to providing insight and advice.

  • The software automates and speeds up the audit process – freeing up internal auditors to adopt a more strategic, advisory role.
  • Leverage the power of the SAP HANA in-memory database, integrate with other governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions and align internal audit with overall business goals.
  • Drive high value issues and create keener insights with real-time audit analytics.
  • Help internal auditors perform timely risk assessments and collaborate with peers.
  • Automate internal audit procedures to cut costs and reduce elapsed time to reporting.
GRC Audit Management Capabilities

Plan, manage, and perform the audit:

  • Instantly capture audit documentation and evidence with mobile capabilities and drag-and-drop tools.
  • Create, track and manage audit issues with global monitoring and follow up.
  • Use search capabilities to get more value from legacy and working papers.
  • Engage auditors with a user-friendly interface and collaboration tools.
  • Integrate with SAP Fraud Management, SAP Risk Management and SAP Process Control to align with the business.
  • Maximize staff utilization and reduce travel costs with better internal audit planning, resource management and scheduling.

Communicate and monitor results:

  • Improve issue quality with collaboration and on-line manager review.
  • Standardize reporting with pre-established templates
  • Automate issue tracking for faster resolution
  • Reduce repeat findings through automation and follow up


GRC Fraud Management

Improve fraud detection and prevention – with powerful fraud management software from SAP. Detect earlier to deter and prevent fraud across your enterprise with SAP Fraud Management. Powered by SAP HANA, the application can scan huge volumes of data in real time and with greater accuracy, so your investigators can detect fraudulent activity faster, increase their efficiency and focus on improving detection strategies against future fraud.

  • The software offers early fraud detection features that help your investigators deter and prevent fraud as early as possible, resulting in reduced revenue loss.
  • Safeguard your organization against all types of fraud – from procurement or bribery fraud to industry-specific threats – with SAP Fraud Management.
  • Minimize loss and protect revenue with earlier fraud detection in high volumes of transactions.
  • Increase the productivity of your investigators with features that reduce false positives.
  • Use fraud KPIs and predictive analyses to adapt to new fraud patterns faster and improve future risk mitigation.
GRC Fraud Management Capabilities

Fraud detection and compliance checks:

  • Capture, search and analyze data from multiple sources – including SAP and non-SAP business software.
  • Spot suspicious activities as they’re happening to stop fraudulent transactions before they impact your bottom line.
  • Integrate with SAP Process Control, SAP Audit Management and SAP Business Partner Screening to improve your control framework, enhance fraud prevention policies, comply with anti-fraud regulations, screen third parties and refine risk responses.
  • Deliver effective alert notifications and more efficient responses to fraud scenarios relevant to your organization – such as employee theft, corruption or warranty fraud.

Fraud investigation and calibration:

  • Use calibration and simulation features to perform what-if analysis on historic data and refine detection strategies.
  • Decrease false-positive results using granular criteria to adjust detection methods.
  • Analyze the performance of detection rules and setups to assess which approaches are the most effective.

Fraud prevention and deterrence:

  • Quickly calculate risk scores and analyze fraud scenarios to understand how to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Integrate with ERP applications to stop potentially fraudulent transactions before further processing.
  • Integrate with SAP Predictive Analytics to determine which approaches are the most effective in deterring fraud – and make better decisions to reduce risk.

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