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Ensure that only the users who need it, only when they need it, have access to your organization’s most sensitive networks, systems, applications, and data.

Multi-Cloud / Hybrid Cloud

Blue Sky Technologies accelerates your journey to multi cloud and hybrid cloud, so you can realize their full benefits faster.
We will advise, design, and build the best infrastructure solution for your interconnected hybrid IT environment. That means you can take advantage of the scalability of the public cloud for applications with heavy or unpredictable traffic, use edge computing technologies for applications requiring low latency and deploy business-critical applications on your private cloud to ensure security and control—all within your hybrid cloud environment.
Our expert teams use advanced services to help you modernize, deploy, and manage applications on hybrid infrastructures, freeing your teams from complexity so you can focus on staying competitive.
Use Cases:

Blue Sky Technologies evaluates your current state of application and data integration across the entire organization, including hybrid IT deployments.

We will deliver integration recommendations that accelerate your business goals and strategies.

Blue Sky Technologies provides multi-cloud connectivity to unify your entire hybrid footprint.

Securely connect your Technology dedicated hosting environment to other data center locations and the private and public clouds of your choice, including AWS, Microsoft® Azure®, OpenStack®, VMware®, and Google Cloud Platform.

“Blue Sky Technologies” includes our 24x7x365 support and a 99.95% connectivity uptime guarantee.

Anthos gives you a consistent platform for all your application deployments, from legacy, on-premises applications to cloud-native, while offering a service-centric view of all your environments.

“Blue Sky Technologies” managed and professional services help you architect, deploy, configure, and manage workloads.

Use VMware HCX, Managed Guest OS Services and Managed External Storage for your VMware Cloud™ on AWS workloads.

Get a hybrid to interconnect that enables fast, simple, and secure application migration and mobility between VMware-based private clouds and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Increase storage scalability without the need to purchase additional hosts.

Access 24x7x365 OS support for your VMs.

Microsoft® Azure® Stack delivers agility and scale, plus security and control in your own private Azure cloud.

Azure Stack is as complex as it is powerful and so can be challenging for organizations to deploy and run it without supplementary expertise. With many years of Azure experience, deep expertise, and offering unmatched support, “Blue Sky Technologies” Technology can help deploy and manage your Azure Stack environment.

“Blue Sky Technologies” provides management and operation services for cloud workloads for an array of platforms across public and private cloud, including on-premises, colocation, Bare Metal, and VMware vSphere® virtualization.

Public Cloud

The journey to the public cloud can be challenging. Blue Sky Technology helps you ask the right questions at the right time—from your application needs to security concerns and resistance to change—and identify the right strategy for your business. With a plan in place that is right for you, we help you accelerate your transformation so you can realize results faster. Our certified cloud experts are there with you through every step of your cloud journey, including architecture design, deployment, operational support, cost governance and optimization, and on-demand engineering. All our services are backed by a suite of professional and managed services available across the world’s leading hyper-scale cloud platforms.

Migrating to, managing, and operating a public cloud can be challenging for even the most skilled in-house teams. Tap into our focused migration teams whose role is specifically to plan and carry out application migrations for customers. Our multi-functional teams of cloud experts available for AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware deliver expert managed services so you can drive business results.

>> Professional Services: Migration Services

Over time, your business and application have evolved, adding to the complexity of your cloud architecture and management. Blue Sky Technologies Technology cloud optimization services help you reduce inefficiencies, so you can do what you do best.

>> Cost and performance optimization for certain times
>> Cloud Optimization
>> Customer Case Study Anthology

Few businesses have in-house resources with the time or skills to continually optimize their public cloud service, site reliability, and security. Blue Sky Technology delivers managed security, site reliability engineering, and managing applications to ensure your public cloud is online and secure, so you can focus on other high-value projects.

>> Multi-Cloud Security
>> Google Cloud Platform Site Reliability Engineering

Technology and business are evolving at an unprecedented pace. To sustain business operations and stay ahead, you need a skilled team to evaluate and adjust your IT solutions. Blue Sky Technology continually reassesses your goals over time and helps you align to a trajectory that helps you achieve them.

>> Business Process Assessment
>> Modern Data Architecture Assessment
>> Professional Service
>> Security
>> Risk Assessment


Private Cloud


Most businesses already have a hybrid multi cloud environment: They use public cloud services, but they also depend on legacy applications and data centers. If this describes your organization, you’re likely seeking ways to extend the benefits of public cloud across your entire IT estate — with the assumption that the only way to achieve that goal is to migrate your legacy applications to public cloud.

“Blue Sky” offers another option. Our VMware-based hybrid cloud solutions give you the benefits of consumption-based pricing, multi-tenancy, self-service, rapid provisioning, and automation — in both public and private cloud domains.

You can continue operating in your familiar VMware environment, using a private cloud solution that delivers the same benefits as a public cloud, without having to undertake time-consuming and costly application modernization programs. With a private cloud solution from Blue Sky Technologies, you get immediate benefits of public cloud with the luxury and flexibility of modernizing your applications when it suits you.

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